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Maximize your mobile fleet profitability with our end-to-end AI and data science solution

Uptake has joined forces with Symboticware to provide mining companies with the industry’s leading AI software on top of the most comprehensive data coverage from mobile asset fleets.

Uptake provides highly accurate, actionable insights with sufficient lead time so you can increase the productivity of your equipment, minimize operating costs, eliminate unscheduled downtime, and optimize your spend on parts, fuel, and labor consumption.


Cost-optimize your maintenance programs with AI

Optimal machine health and performance is critical to getting the most out of your equipment investments and achieving a high return on capital employed (ROCE). Performing regular machine maintenance can be expensive in terms of technician hours, spare parts and lost production. Additionally, the cost of unplanned downtime can significantly impact your production throughput, productivity and operating expenses.

In our joint solution, Symboticware’s SymBot provides IoT access to your equipment and Uptake’s Asset IO uses AI to surface predictive insights from your data. Leveraging the latest industrial IoT and AI technologies, you will prevent unplanned downtime, minimize operating expenses, and develop a comprehensive maintenance program to cost-optimize maintenance tasks.  You will ultimately achieve new levels of equipment performance, lower O&M costs, and maximize your throughput.


About Uptake

Uptake is the source of industrial intelligence. We empower people to solve hard problems, to understand their past and act on their future. Our industrial applications and platform turn mountains of data into meaningful intelligence, making hard work easier for the businesses that move society forward. We believe data is the key to a better tomorrow and that, alongside our customers, we will build what comes next. Our technology has seen millions of machine failures so our customers don’t have to. By equipping people with insights they can act on, we do our part to help create a world that works for everyone.



Our joint solution turns data into actionable insights, creating a closed feedback loop for continuous learning.


Drive new levels of profitability with AI

With a joint solution from Uptake and Symboticware, you get the best of industrial IoT and AI. Symboticware’s Symbot device provides a comprehensive data capture from your fleet of mobile mining assets. Uptake offers industry’s best AI-based Asset Performance Management (APM) software, Asset IO. The predictive insights from your mobile asset data are accurate and actionable, providing you with sufficient lead time so you can prevent downtime, minimize operating costs and maximize productivity.


Gain greater visibility into your critical assets

Collect data from sensors, store time-stamped values in an internal database and seamlessly transmit data for AI analysis.


Deploy AI models in minutes

Quickly deploy AI models that are pre-trained to drive greater performance for mobile mining equipment and visualize those insights in one application.


Arm your business with 2.1 billion hours of industrial machine learning

Surface insights from your asset data without writing a single line of code. Machine- specific data science models and asset templates are purpose-built to drive closed-loop continuous improvement and financial outcomes.


Ready to reduce breakdowns and improve equipment availability across your mining sites?

Calsta Australia

Value Added Reseller: Australia, West and Central Africa

Partner Description:Symboticware and Calsta Australia’s partnership combines the robust data delivery platform that Symboticware provides, with Calsta’s extensive project management services, allowing customers to achieve operational excellence.

The benefits: As a provider of Asset Management and Business Improvement Services, Calsta requires a very high level of data integrity, gathering the right data at the right time. In collaboration with Symboticware, real-time data can now be pulled from almost any OEM or third party sensor. Decisions can be made from this focused data set to evaluate individual assets and set the course for improvement initiatives. The better the data, the more focused the solution deployment.


Calsta’s Capabilities

  • Project Management
  • Business Improvement
  • Asset Management
  • Capex & Opex
  • Process & Procedure


About Calsta

Calsta Australia is a privately held Australian Company headquartered in Perth Western Australia, They provide solutions to complex customer projects, ensuring quantifiable benefits are realized. Their network includes mining companies, contract miners, equipment suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and professional advisers in regions of Africa, Australia, Indonesia, North and South America, and Papua New Guinea.

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