Senior Embedded Software Developer

In the Sr. Embedded role, you will be responsible for implementing and
maintaining the core business logic of the SymBot family of IOT devices;
programming primarily in Java. You will have the opportunity based on your
experience to interface with many hardware components such as GPS, WiFi,
LTE, accelerometer, vehicle data, TMPS, and more. Part of this role includes
solving some really exciting and challenging mixed vehicle deployment
scenarios through detailed analysis and troubleshooting techniques as well as
employing creative solutions such as software that can sense its environment
and optimize accordingly.

You will work closely with your colleagues on the Embedded Software team,
the System and Web Teams, and key leadership stakeholders. To be
successful in this role, you will be able to consistently adhere to coding
standards and perform peer QA and code reviews. You should be highly
inquisitive and constantly looking for a new technical challenge or to use a
new tool. The successful candidate will communicate well in their technical
documentation, in collaborating with teammates, and in providing technical
support to other Symboticware teams.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
● Interfacing with hardware components and sensors
● Troubleshooting data bus communication events
● Implementing work product design
● Incorporating valid open-source technologies and platforms to bolster our
product offering
● Creating test regimens to validate and verify software work products
● Adhere to coding standards and perform peer QA and code reviews
● Integrating software work products and performing project closeout

What You Should Know:
The Senior Software Developer will hold a Bachelor’s degree in one of
the following:
● Computer Science
● Software Engineering
● Computer Systems Engineering or Similar.

What You Need:
The Senior Embedded Software Developer will possess the following
● At least 7 years experience developing embedded software in a
professional setting, preferably using the Object-Oriented design paradigm
● Experience integrating with hardware systems on a linux platform
● Proficient with the following programming languages & libraries:
○ Java
○ RxJava
● Experience writing test cases geared towards acceptance testing and
commissioning of complete systems
● Proficiency using Git

What Would Be Great:
Any of the following qualities, while not required, will be considered an
● Proficient with the following programming/scripting language:
○ C/C++
○ Assembly
○ Python
● Experience with vehicle data interfaces and protocols such as CAN bus,
J1708, J1939, CAT, OBD2 (OBD-II), etc …
● Experience with fixed asset tracking and related technologies
● Microchip PIC programming experience
● ARM architecture experience
● Experience working with messaging systems
● Familiarity with JSON data-interchange format
● Familiarity with RedHat flavours of Linux
● Familiarity with the Legato embedded framework for IOT

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