Our Asset Reliability Services guide and support our customers to maximize the value of their mobile asset data. Symboticware helps companies get the capacity they expect from their mobile assets at the lowest maintenance cost possible. Our Asset Reliability Team currently offers multiple services, including: Criticality Analysis, Failure Mode Analysis, Condition-Based Maintenance, and Performance Metrics.

Criticality Analysis

The foundation of a solid Condition-Based Asset Strategy is the initial Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) for each asset. This can be done in a more uniform process by first defining Asset Criticality. By identifying the most critical components, you can more systematically implement the improvements that have greater effect on the overall organizational performance commitments.

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Failure Mode Analysis

FMEA is a systematic method of defining a Failure Mode, along with the frequency of the failure occurring, the severity should the failure occur, and the ability to detect the failure mode. From this process a Risk Priority Number (RPN) is defined to help users know which failure modes are the most critical to monitor.

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Condition-Based Maintenance

This service helps your team develop a step-by-step process to identifying failure modes, and create the work management workflow for all failure modes designated “CBM” during the Failure Mode Analysis.

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Performance Metrics

To assist an organization in defining, building, and presenting the KPIs associated with Asset Reliability. There are many KPIs that can be used:

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