Symboticware’s services and solutions can give any industry with mobile and fixed assets the upper hand. With access to the highest level real-time data, global operations can gather, transmit, and analyze equipment & sensor data for improved safety, productivity and asset utilization. Putting this data to work through our Asset Reliability Services takes it a step further to leverage this insight to increase reliability and performance of an operation’s most critical assets.


Extract maximum value from your fleet to realize most optimal gains in production.  Unexpected downtime can have significant impact on operations, not only for repair costs but for increased uptime.  When a mine’s maintenance team has a proactive plan, the bottom line is improved.


The environment in which your assets operate can significantly change how efficiently they perform.  By monitoring the conditions in which your assets operate, you are further contextualising your assets’ performance.

Oil & Gas

From reactive to proactive, your plant’s most valuable assets will thrive while your maintenance budget dwindles. From remote pumping platforms to landfill equipment, we can connect all the assets within your diverse fleet.


Position your transportation fleet to meet delivery goals with minimized maintenance incidents.  Optimize timelines, increase operator safety, and ensure your fleet spends more time on the road when you put the data to work for you.


Knowing where your fleet is at any given time is important for dispatching, but getting the full health of the equipment provides a more accurate representation of the state of your assets.