CENGN Summit 2021

Online event

Symboticware exhibited at the CENGN Virtual Summit 2021.

CENGN is Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, an independent, industry-supported, not-for-profit organization. CENGN Summit is a leading conference devoted to promoting the commercial growth and adoption of disruptive networking technologies across Canada. It is also a conference for tech professionals and businesses to learn which technologies are set to revolutionize the industry.

CENGN Summit 2021 brought together tech leaders from around the world to discuss, collaborate, and present the future of next-generation network technology. Thanks to the expert speakers, insightful panel discussions, and important networking opportunities, CENGN Summit 2021 was a success.

The day was packed with presentations and panels on the hottest topics in disruptive tech. Discussing the potential of 5G in Canada, the importance of IT sustainability, and the reality of Industry 4.0, it was great to see the tech ecosystem come together to collaborate and discuss the technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. CENGN Summit was completely virtual.

Source: CENGN Website