Maintenance at an open-pit or below ground mine is immensely challenging. Fuel costs, unexpected downtime, unscheduled repairs, and more hurt output and lower profitability. With our telematics (AI applied to machine data), fleet management can address these performance challenges. Having data on all assets for ongoing monitoring and proactive maintenance is key to performance and these benefits.


The operating system of industrial intelligence

Reduce fuel consumption
Avoid unscheduled downtime
Lower operating costs


AI applied to human-recorded maintenance logs

Gain insights on fleet maintenance
Identify assets prone to fail
Fine-tune inventory management


Lower fleet fuel costs

Your mining vehicles like articulated haulers can optimize performance and lower fuel costs by nearly 9%. The savings across a mixed fleet add up. Every dollar saved is a dollar going to profitability.

Optimize fleet maintenance

With telematics, maintenance can predict failures before they occur as conditions are detected earlier. Early detection aids maintenance scheduling, saving time and money.

Shorten drill and blast cycle

Insights into the full mining cycle, along with increased uptime of assets, allow operations to better coordinate the timing of drilling, blasting, mucking, and supporting. It’s faster, more efficient.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Mining companies are pursuing sustainability when it’s possible and cost-effective. Upgrading fleet maintenance to optimal performance contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions.