Rising fuel costs, along with shutdowns and slow operations, hurt the profitability of logging operations. Forestry management’s environmental concerns cloud the picture further. With, you’ll have live access to operational data that improves machine maintenance. Optimal performance saves fuel and optimizes uptime, so timber companies can focus on profitability while aiding sustainability targets.  


The operating system of industrial intelligence

Reduce fuel consumption
Avoid unscheduled downtime
Lower operating costs


Lower fuel costs

Our applies AI to data from logging vehicles like forwarders to optimize performance and lower fuel costs by nearly 9%. Optimizing logging operations saves fuel, which saves money.

Optimize fleet maintenance

Logging equipment like skidders are often remote, but data on the machines is centralized with Insights lead to predictive maintenance that promotes uptime and optimal performance.

Shorten logging cycle

Logging is a multistage process from the forest to the mill. Centralized insights on machinery performance allow the logging cycle to run smoother and more efficiently.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Forest management is concerned about the environmental impact from logging. Logging vehicles and machinery properly maintained contribute fewer greenhouse gas emissions.