25 - 28

MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Convention Center, Booth 855

Visit our booth 855 and join the presentation by Ash Agarwal, CEO, in Room North 132A on February 26th, 3 PM

Improving Haul Truck Operation with AI: Use-Cases for Optimization in the Mining Industry
A. Agarwal; Symboticware, Sudbury, ON, Canada
Mining haul trucks have an average utilization rate of 70%. A fleet of just 30 haul trucks may consume up to 28 million liters of diesel annually. Integrating AI engines into fleet management in the mining industry offers significant potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of haul trucks. Key benefits stem from real-time multi-variate regression and neural network-based analysis of key vehicle health, operational, and environmental parameters. These parameters include fuel consumption data, engine oil temperature, road surface conditions, strut pressure, vehicle speed and acceleration rates, the health of fuel and air filters, and others. The outcome of these analyses is presented as actionable recommendations leading to substantially reduced fuel wastage, precision maintenance, and higher productivity. The presentation will highlight the principal advantages of AI adoption, including a customer case study on optimizing fuel costs for haul trucks by up to 9%. The paper will also highlight the barriers to enterprise-level implementation of AI technology and opportunities to accelerate penetration by educating stakeholders across mine sites.

Technical Program


Ash Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer

Bashir Chalabi
Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications