Webinar - Digital Transformation in the Mining Industry: Taking Action

Online event

The recovery from the global pandemic has presented new challenges to the mining industry. While the industry’s productivity and exploration have a steady upward trend, the costs are proliferating due to the rising fuel prices and labor shortages. ESG factors are becoming an essential variable in the operations and formation of the demand for mining products. In the face of increasing output and global uncertainties, mining companies must take steps toward making their operations efficient, environmentally friendly, and resilient. The participants of the webinar discussed opportunities to address the challenges through digitization, as its benefits span from improved productivity to greater safety and optimized carbon footprint.

The speakers of the event hosted by Ash Agarwal, CEO @Symboticware, included:

  • Todd Chapman – U.S. Ambassador (Ret.) to Brazil and Ecuador
  • Michelle Ash – CEO – GEOVIA @ Dassault Systèmes
  • Eric Hansen – CEO @ Innovative Wireless Technologies


Ash Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer