This partnership is a giant leap for the resource industries as we bring the benefits of Industry 4.0 to the remotest sites on the planet

Symboticware Partners with SpaceX’s Subsidiary Swarm


Symboticware Partners with SpaceX’s Subsidiary Swarm

Symboticware and Swarm announced the integration of their technologies to create an asset performance management platform accessible from anywhere on planet Earth. The platform is based on, Symboticware’s asset performance management platform, which is able to transmit over Swarm’s global constellation of Low Earth Orbit microsatellites. Swarm provides the world’s lowest-cost global connectivity for IoT devices via its microsatellite constellation.

Less than 10% of the Earth’s surface is covered by cellular networks. Many critical industrial sites, including those in mining, energy, and forestry, operate in extremely remote areas where connectivity is currently not available. Unable to monitor their equipment and collect and track data, these companies struggle to reap the benefits of digitization and gain real-time insight into their fleet’s productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Symboticware and Swarm teamed up to break the connectivity barriers for remote critical industrial applications once and for all. Symboticware’s OEM-agnostic IoT platform can collect data from heavy- and light-duty vehicles, regardless of their makes and models. Integration with Swarm’s satellite backhaul capability enables monitoring, collecting, connectivity, and tracking of data in an almost infinite number of environments, from extremely remote mining sites and energy production facilities to the most secluded forest management sites that are nearly impossible to access. Swarm’s global network will ensure that Symboticware’s platform can reliably transmit and collect data, no matter where the vehicles are located on the globe. Swarm’s two-way data transfer capability also means that users can receive data from Symboticware devices and send commands to their fleet operators in response to changing conditions.

“This partnership is a giant leap for the resource industries as we bring the benefits of Industry 4.0 to the remotest sites on the planet. We are on a mission to connect every single machine across industries. Swarm’s cutting-edge space communications technology combined with our proprietary edge analytics driven IoT platform will allow us to accomplish that mission.  Every control room supervisor will know exactly where the assets are and how they are performing even if they are in the Arctic Circle” said Symboticware’s CEO, Ash Agarwal.

Sara Spangelo, Sr. Director of Satellite Engineering at SpaceX and former co-founder of Swarm echoes that same sentiment: “It’s been exciting to see Symboticware focus on emissions tracking and drive positive impact in the mining and forest management industries. This is an initiative we’re proud to support through Swarm’s satellite network to enable remote deployments improving environmental monitoring around the world!”