Miners Target Net Zero

The stage is set. The Earth is changing – so are the players within it. Mining companies set the standards for emissions reduction. Rio Tinto’s target is to reduce 50% of Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030. Kirkland Lake Gold has set a net zero target by 2050 or earlier.

With rising temperatures reaching new global records, the Earth is ready for its largest companies to do their part. The mining industry accounts for 4% of the 34 Billion tonnes of the world’s emissions. If the industry commits to follow net-zero  standards, we would see a reduction of 680 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the medium term, one way that the mining industry is changing is by modelling engine operation and leveraging the location data. This can help to significantly reduce Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions as these models provide operators with a better understanding of the phases where the vehicle operations can be improved. From reducing idle time, setting acceleration limits, to optimizing load weights, emissions are slowly coming down.

Our flagship platform, 4-Sight.ai, enables reduction of greenhouse gas and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. Depending on the fleet characteristics, we estimate that a reduction of 2-15% is achievable. If you are willing to stay updated about the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize machine downtime and improve safety, keep in touch with us.