Ash is a mining veteran and has built and scaled successful hi-tech businesses and products for the mining industry

New CEO Enables Surge for Symboticware


New CEO Enables Surge for Symboticware

Symboticware Inc., a leading Industrial IoT hardware and software company, announces the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. Ash Agarwal joins the team to lead strategic transformation, deliver rapid growth, and leverage significant expansion in innovation capabilities. 

For over a decade, Symboticware has been committed to serving as a trusted innovation partner for the mining industry. Ash will continue this legacy with strategic objectives to deliver an end-to-end Asset Performance Management product and expand operations worldwide. The company will advance their industry-leading innovations through in-house technology advancement and further development of strategic partnerships to deliver products for the mine of the future.

“For our customers, Symboticware has been a pioneer on the leading edge of technology for more than a decade,” said Kirk Petroski, Founder and former CEO who will now take the position of the Chairman of the Board of Symboticware. “As the new frontiers of advanced technologies open up and are accelerated by the pandemic, it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with the best-in-class business value.” 

“Ash is a mining veteran and has built and scaled successful hi-tech businesses and products for the mining industry,” said Bob Lane, Former Chair Mine Radio Systems, and Board Member of Symboticware. “He is the perfect fit to lead this team to build a ‘new Symboticware’. The board and the entire team support his vision and are already enjoying some early signs of a successful next year.”

“Symboticware is a brand trusted by dozens of our underground and open-pit mining customers in North America for more than a decade. Thanks to our patented technology, we’re an industry standard for many of our customers,” said Ash Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer of Symboticware. 

About Symboticware:

Symboticware is an innovative, industry leader that provides an industrial IoT hardware and software platform to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile and fixed assets to help improve business outcomes based on optimizing productivity; identifying opportunities to increase efficient use of their resources; increasing equipment availability through better condition and preventative maintenance; and enhancing safety by real-time feedback to operators. Originally developed for monitoring in underground mining, Symboticware technologies are used in many remote and rugged applications, from the far north to kilometers below the earth’s surface.

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