Sudbury Industrial Data Firm Nestles onto Bay Street

Symboticware, a Sudbury mining and industrial technology company, has set up shop in Toronto’s Financial District.

The company announced this week is has opened a new hub on Bay Street to be closer to its clients. Symboticware develops and manufactures hardware and software designed to collect, store, and transmit data generated at mining, forestry, agriculture and oil and gas sites.

In a news release, the export development-minded company said it remains committed to continuous investment and expansion of its capabilities “born in Northern Ontario for the world.”

The company opened a regional office in Tucson, AZ in 2018 to provide support to its U.S. customers operating in the American Southwest and Mexico.

The expansion into the Toronto market is intended to “further accelerate the commercialization of our technology built in Northern Ontario” by being closer to its customers’ corporate headquarters, to various professional conferences and trade shows, and to leverage export opportunities.

“Thanks to our team’s dedication and through the support we have in Northern Ontario, Symboticware has built a product that will deeply impact the mining industry,” said Kirk Petroski, the company’s founder and executive chairman in a statement.

“This expansion demonstrates our commitment to the commercialization of this technology, which will enable further growth and reinvestment back into our Northern Ontario operations.”