Symboticware displays at Precarn T-GAP Event

Experience ICT Innovations Emerging Today That Will Help Shape Our Economy Tomorrow

Symboticware is exhibiting its mining applications at the Precarn T-GAP Event in Ottawa today at The Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. During this event, Symboticware will be highlighting our Open Sensor Network application. The objective of this application is to address two major requirements for wireless infrastructure in the underground environment: maximizing connectivity and providing sufficient bandwidth for data transfer. This Integrated Open Wi-Fi® / ZigBee® Sensor Network for Process Automation in Underground Mining application was recently featured as a technical paper at the CIM – MEMO 2010 conference in Sudbury.

The Precarn T-Gap event provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Engage Canadian entrepreneurs, their R&D collaborators and customers as they showcase novel ICT technologies that are creating powerful new capabilities in life sciences, energy, environment, manufacturing, public safety and defence, aerospace and natural resources;
  • Participate in demonstrations and experience Canadian-designed ICT technologies ‘at work’ in products that aim to boost productivity and innovation across many industries, and address specific global market opportunities;
  • Gain new perspective about how these projects contribute to the development of a digitally skilled workforce that is well equipped to exploit on the opportunities these technologies provide.