Symboticware expands into Australia, Zambia in Partnership with Calsta

Symboticware Inc., an industry leader of standardized information-based technology to enhance productivity, sustainability, profitability and safety through real-time data management solutions, announces a partnership with Calsta Australia. This partnership will combine the robust data delivery platform that Symboticware provides, with Calsta’s extensive project management services, to enhance asset management and operational excellence. Calsta will be a Value Added Reseller in the territories of Australia and several West and Central African counties. 

As a provider of Asset Management and Business Improvement Services, Calsta requires a very high level of data integrity, gathering the right data at the right time. In collaboration with Symboticware, real-time data can now be pulled from almost any OEM or third party sensor. Decisions can be made from this focused data set to evaluate individual assets and set the course for improvement initiatives. The better the data, the more focused the solution deployment.

“Our partnership with Calsta is significant as we introduce advanced data management solutions to environments where vital impact can be realized,” said Kirk Petroski, President & CEO Symboticware Inc. “This partnership adds a great deal of value to our customers, and it’s a pleasure to work with partners who not only understand how data can impact overall operational success, but who also have a solid reputation in providing continuous improvement in the mining industry,” said Petroski.

“This relationship opens up a whole new world to our customers, allowing real-time access to the data that we and our clients define as critical,” said Peter Butler, Managing Director, Calsta Australia. “This ‘unfair advantage’ combines harvesting a very high level of quality data, and specialized site-specific services, to reduce the total cost of asset ownership, improve production and have a positive impact in safety.”

About Calsta Australia:

Calsta Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian Company headquartered in Perth Western Australia. Their project management team delivers solutions to complex customer projects, ensuring quantifiable benefits are realized. Their network includes mining companies, contract miners, equipment suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and professional advisers in regions of Africa, Australia, Indonesia, North and South America, and Papua New Guinea.  For more information, visit www.Calsta.com.au

About Symboticware:

Symboticware is an innovative, industry leader that provides an industrial IoT hardware and software platform to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile and fixed assets to help improve business outcomes based on: optimizing productivity; identifying opportunities to increase efficient use of their resources; increasing equipment availability through better condition and preventative maintenance; and enhancing safety by real-time feedback to operators. Originally developed for monitoring in underground mining, Symboticware technologies are used in many remote and rugged applications, from the far north to kilometers below the earth’s surface. 

Media contact: media@symboticware.com